• BoZ Jazz Award

BoZ Jazz Award 2018 | Talent Stage


Welcome to the second edition of the Boz Jazz Awards (BJA). The BJA is presented to you by the Stichting Bergse Jazz Evenementen (SBJE). SBJE is responsible for organizing Rabo Jazzboz. Rabo Jazzboz is a Jazz Festival located in Bergen op Zoom.

For more information about Rabo Jazzboz see: www.jazzboz.nl


This is a soloist competition.
The soloist must be of maximum 25 years of age.
The soloist can perform with a band or solo.
Please submit a digital demo (mp3) of yourself in performance by 15th of May 2017.
The demo must consist of 3 pieces of music.


Make sure you send your demo before the 6th of May to BJA@JAZZBOZ.nl.
A jury will listen to all available demo's and will select 3 soloists to perform in the finals on 27 May 2018.
The finalists will receive an invitation on 13 May.
At the finals each soloist (with or without band) wil perform for 30 minutes.
During the final on 27 May, the winner of the BJA will be announced.

For more information send an email to: info@jazzboz.nl


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